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Sunglasses protect your eyes against the harsh glare and UV rays and reduces strain in bright conditions so you may enjoy a clearer, comfortable vision. However, choosing the right pair of shades is the key to optimal comfort.

Colored or tinted sunglasses don't just exist to go with your dressing for the day. The distinct lens colors help protect your eyes, but in different ways. With so many lens colors to choose from, you need to know which one suits your purpose best to enjoy maximum perks.The distinct colored or tinted sunglasses help protect your eyes.

Differences In Tints

Different tinted sunglasses have different purposes. Each color is suited to enhance vision in certain conditions. A tint that works ideally in low-light conditions may not be the best option to wear on a bright day. Instead of improving your vision, it may actually have the opposite effect. Similarly, certain colors work well in bright conditions but won't perform well on a hazy day.

Consider your lifestyle and the kinds of activities you're often involved in to choose the best color of sunglasses for yourself.

●    Grey

This all-purpose tint is the most popular choice since it works well on both cloudy and sunny days. It shields bright light, lowers eyestrain, and reduces glare, especially that bouncing off water and wet roads. Whether you’re into outdoor sports, drive a lot, or go out fishing on weekends, gray sunglasses, like our Blink Baby, is a good option.

●    Yellow/Orange/Gold

Light-colored shades, like orange, gold, and yellow work best in moderate or low light conditions. They offer a clearer vision for easier focus on moving objects in low-light or hazy conditions. It also filters out blue light emitted from computer screens to reduce strain and headaches and improve vision.

Yellow, orange, and gold shades are perfect for pilots and regular computer users. They're also great for hunting, snow activities, and mountain biking. However, do keep in mind that gold, yellow and orange shades can also sometimes cause color distortion.

●    Amber/Brown

Amber or brown sunglasses block blue light and reduce glare. They work best on sunny days and enhance your vision by improving depth perception and contrast. These features make them best for activities where a good judgment of distance is required, such as driving. Amber and brown sunglasses, like our Autumn, are great for fishing, golfing, driving, and racing.

●    Green

Green shades filter out much of the glare and blue light. They reduce eye strain on sunny days, making them perfect for outdoor activities. Green sunglasses also work well in low-light conditions, making them the perfect tint for everyday use.

●    Rose/Red

Rose or red sunglasses block blue light, improve contrast, and increase the visual depth. They’re great for most outdoor activities, including snow activities. They’re also a hit among regular gamers and computer users.

●    Blue/Purple

Blue or purple shades aren't just trendy but also practical. They improve color perception, reduce glare, and enhance vision. They go well with most skin tones and are perfect for snowy, misty, and foggy conditions. Golfers and those into snow activities and water sports prefer blue shades. Check out Ferngully Butterfly if you’re looking for some classy blue shades.



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