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Sunglasses aren’t just fashion accessories. They are, in fact, a lot more than that. All those who treasure their eyes and care for its protection wear shades before going out in the sun. Sunglasses are especially important for driving, sports, cycling, running, skiing, and several other outdoor activities that involve the sun scorching your eyes!

Of the vast range of sunglasses available in the market, why shall you choose impact and shatter-resistant frames? Why not just go for the first pair that comes your way?

Why Are Cheap Sunglasses Not Your Best Option?

Not every frame will stand the test of pressure equally. Since sunglasses have become more of a necessity these days, many manufacturers will attempt to sway you with their cheaper prices and substandard sunglasses. However, they might not all be built to the highest durability, safety, and performance standards. Many will snap easily. Even if they don't break, they'll show cracks and scratches even if you drop them on the floor, let alone severe impacts!

How Are Impact And Shatter Resistant Frames Different From Regular Ones?

All sunglasses you’ll find in our store are fitted with impact- and shatter-resistant frames, except for the rimless ones, of course! When you're picking a good pair of sunglasses for yourself, you'll want them to last some years, at least! That's precisely why we use the best materials for preparing the frames and lenses. 

Since we’re considering frames at the moment, here are the options you’ll find here.

  • TR90

Highly impact-resistant thermoplastic material, way more durable and safer than regular plastic!

  • Steel

When it comes to metal frames, our material of choice is steel! It’s shock-resistant, scratch-proof, and presents a vintage look that won’t wear out for years!

  • Rimless

Rimless doesn’t mean your eyewear has to be unprotected, at least not as long as you choose one at Evercollection. Polycarbonate lens used in sunglasses is equally shatter- and impact-resistant, keeping your eyes protected at all times.

Who Is Impact And Shatter-Resistant Frames Most Important For?

Did you know that over 40,000 Americans (adults and children) suffer eye injuries during sports each year? Even more of them suffer eye injuries at work and even at home! Don't take your vision for granted; protect it while you can!

Impact-resistant and shatter-resistant frames are especially important for children and those who are physically active. You don't want to hurt your eyes at the hands of a cheap pair of sunglasses if you get hit on the face by a soccer ball!

 If you're in any sports, you'll especially love Omega; it's protective, durable, and very classy!

Again, if you want eyewear for children, there's no better option than the superior quality impact resistant frames. You know how children are - they run, jump, throw, and do anything without the slightest regard for their safety! Choose sunglasses with impact-resistant frames and lenses for them that can take care of them if they are ever in an accident.



Why shall you choose impact and shatter-resistant frames?

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