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Whether you're wearing them to protect your eyes or make a fashion statement, it's essential to choose the right sunglasses. You want ones that are comfortable to carry around and won't break at the first accidental impact they encounter. At Evercollection, while the lens material is impact-resistant and scratch-resistant polycarbonate, the frame material in many of the pairs is TR90. TR90 is the latest innovation in frame material, and customers love it!

So what's so special in these TR90 frames? What is TR90 Frame and its benefits, and how will it help to have this frame on your sunglasses? Let's find out everything before you pick your new TR90 sunglasses.

What Is TR90 Frame?

TR90, or Grilamid TR90, is a thermoplastic material first created at the Swiss EMS company. It was initially a transparent granular polymer with some remarkable features. Among these are low density, good chemical resistance, low moisture absorption, high distortion temperature, and incredible flexibility.

Its exceptional characteristics made it the perfect material for many purposes, including eyewear. Over recent years, TR90 frame sunglasses are becoming incredibly popular for the superior benefits they offer.

Why Do Your Sunglasses Need To Have One?


So what’s so special in TR90 frame sunglasses that everyone’s going crazy over? Let’s check out the benefits before you pick your first TR90 sunglasses.

1. Lightweight

The density of superior quality TR90 material is between 1.14 to 1.15 kg/m3. At this density, they’re even lighter than the regular nylon! It makes them one of the lightest frames in the market, substantially lifting the burden off your nose and ears of carrying the sunglasses all day.

2. Impact-resistant

If you're not too confident with your grip and guilty of dropping things often, TR90 sunglasses are the ones for you! Since the material is flexible, it's much more resilient to damage than other frames. Rest assured, it won't break, bend or even show a scratch no matter how many times you drop it!

3. High heat resistance

TR90 frames can withstand temperatures as high as 400 degrees. They're not going to melt or burn, no matter what you put them through.

4. Vast selection of colors and styles

While the regular plastic frames aren't so versatile, TR90 frames are available in philanthropy of colors and styles. Choose what suits your style best from the broadest range of options at Evercollection.

Our TR90 Sunglasses Collection

Whether you're looking for polarized sunglasses for driving, sports shades, or just something that will make you look cool on a hot day, we have the most exhaustive collection of TR90 sunglasses.

Here are some of the hottest picks you’ll love if you want to try the latest TR90 frames:

  1. Viper
  2. Duck sauce
  3. Dragon Tail
  4. Atlas
  5. Diablo
  6. Goliath
  7. Simba Tail
  8. Silver Surfer
  9. Pretty Boy
  10. Lancer



What is tr90 frame and its benefits: why do i need it?

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