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Fall and winter season calls for bold and vivacious hues. The chilly wind outside limits our choices of outfits for outdoor activities. Long overcoats, sweaters, parkas, these are the ultimate selections we are left with. But that doesn’t mean we cannot stand out. With proper accessories and fixtures, we can make a classy impression with a plain outerwear as well. Such as sunglasses for fall time. People have a general perception that sunglasses or shades are for summers only, I suppose not. Sunglasses are helpful to protect our eyes all around the year. But style matters too, so here are the few ways you can wear your shades during chilly winters.

Connected Shield Lenses

Although these sorts of shades with large lenses that are spread to both eyes, are usually associated with sports (winter sports particularly) but applying these lenses to fashion glasses frame has become the new flavor of the season. They reflect some real urban vibes and look truly unique. A refined add on to your winter attire.


Oversized Sunnies

These chic guys gives you the feel of a celebrity. The massive square-shaped lenses cradled onto gorgeous striped frames is a killing trend this season.  Another option is large lenses with thick cheetah print frames. This options looks nothing but amazing with your any of your typical winter outfit, such as overcoats and office suits.


Round lenses

The all times favorites that is the ultimate pick of every tasteful person. Fall/Winters or Spring/Summers, these are the beauts that never seems to go out of fashion. Round Large lenses sitting over embellished thin frames are the designer’s choice sunglasses for fall time this year. Another dominant option for the upcoming season is a pair of round lenses, resting on plastic frames that extends slightly on to the temples. So put them on and give a bold and daring effect.


Bejeweled Sunglasses

Can’t experiment much with the outfits, worry not, than elaborate your attire with some oh-so-fabulous sunglasses that holds frames studded with crystals and rhinestones, cradling black cat eye lenses. Or A pair of vintage inspired sunglasses with large lenses and a frame that is embellished with tightly embedded stones.


These are few of the sunglasses trend that are so worth of being obsessed with this season. Don’t worry of styling down this upcoming season. Just turn up your glamour quotient with these latest running trends and you are ready to slay it this season.
How to style sunnies for fall time

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