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It is safe to say that Instagram is the place to go to when you need some inspiration or insight on what’s trending and what’s not. In today’s blog post, we’ll be talking about some of the summer 2019 sunglasses trends that are IN according to Instagram. If you’ve been wondering what sunnies to pick up this summer, have a read and find that out these Instagram trends yourself:

Sporty Sunglasses

Sporty structured sunglasses are a major hit for summertime, and we are living for this trend! There are different versions of this trendy, some are bulkier while others have a bit of a feminine touch to them. Also, EverCollection brings you The Elite Sports Sunglasses which are a great representation of this trend.

 Retro Cat-Eye Lenses

This summer 2019 sunglasses trend is a favorite and can be picked up in various fun colors and prints. This type of cat eye isn’t thin but has more of a rounded bottom and spiked up edges to form a triangular shape.

Patterned Frames

For anyone who likes to be a little extra with their sunglasses, this trend is made for them. All over Instagram you will find influencers sporting patterned frames which really elevate their look. From polka dots to snake print; the options are endless here. Our Flower Girl Sunglasses are the cutest thing ever, to make sure to check them out!

Round and Transparent

This summer 2019 sunglasses trend comes in both small and big circles, which means it will suit just about everyone! This trend is a bit of a throwback to the 60’s and 70’s but the colored lenses give it a modern feel. Our Route Sunnies are a great pick for anyone who loves this trend.

Red Frames

Want to add some color to your outfit? This sunglasses trend is what you should go for! Red frames have a 1950’s vibe to them and we are totally living for it. We love how this fashion blogger had a bit of red in everything she wore; what a cute outfit. Another Instagram trend that is big for summer 2019 are heart shapes sunglasses, so why not pick them up in a red color?

Tiny Sunglasses

While big and bulky sunglasses may be a thing, but so are tiny little sunnies. This summer 2019 sunglasses trend is loved by every Instagram influencer and is such a cool way to shield your eyes from the sun.

 Which summer 2019 sunglasses trend is your favorite? We would totally recommend picking up one pair in each trend so you can snap some cool Instagram pictures in every outfit!


Instagram alert the sunglasses that are in and out this summer

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