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Sunglasses are super-cool and fashionable.

They do a good job of preventing others from peering into your soul and can help you assume a persona of your own.

I love sunglasses and I’m well-styled enough to know I can hardly do without a pair.

Again, sunglasses are a reasonable investment in your style and outlook. But then, it really shouldn't cost you an arm and leg. While lots of folks wouldn’t think twice to shell out a thousand or more on a big brand product, the cost does not necessarily translate to quality –and value.

Aside from that fact, there are a lot of reasons why spending three figures on a pair of sunglasses is not really worth it. We’ll discuss a few of these in this post.

Why you shouldn't spend more than $100 on a pair of sunglasses

 Why spend that much on something you may end up losing?

There’s a mystery behind sunglasses that make them very easy to lose. Either you forget them at a cinema, in a cab, or they flat out walk away (lol!). Even those that don’t get lost get dropped on hard concrete, sat on or broken in one way.

It will interest you to know that a pair of sunglasses gets lost, broken or sat on in the US every 14 minutes. Perhaps that’s why no one would sell them insurance.

If the odds that you would lose your expensive pairs are so high, is it really worth it then, to spend that much on them when you can inexpensive pairs that won’t cost that much, while still fashionable and durable as well?

High cost does not necessarily translate to high value

Sunglasses are basically meant to perform three important roles.

These include shielding your eyes from harmful UV rays, eliminating glare to boost visibility, and then provide some sort of comfort. They should also be stylish but style does not necessarily have to be expensive. While most of the big brands would throw around lexicons such as “crafted” and “polarize”, you really aren’t getting much that you won’t get from inexpensive sunglasses aside.

In most cases, you’re basically paying that high price for the designer logo stamped on the glasses.

Inexpensive sunglasses like most of the pairs in The Ever Collection retail for less than $100. Most are polarized and will do a great job of keeping your eyes protected. Aside from being comfortable, they are also super cool and stylish.

You’re getting much more value for a fraction of what a high-end luxury brand would charge for the same quality.

Why spend more when you really don’t have to?

Except you’re so fanatical about big sunglasses brands, which clearly is a monopolistic game in the sunglasses industry, you really won’t miss out with the more affordable pairs. Being fashionable may be expensive and temporary. Style, on the other hand, is timeless and affordable. You’ll find many pairs of sunglasses in The Ever Collection that will suit your persona and the looks and styles that you dig.

If it’s about sporting something stylish and cool and that will still last long, these will do. And then you’ll be getting much more value than just paying three figures and even more outrageous amounts for some designer name tags. You definitely can spend that money on some other things you like as well.

Sunglasses q&aWhy you shouldn’t spend more than $100 on sunglasses

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